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The Cutting Edge – Beauty Game Changers

When a new beauty idea comes out, the world lights up with hope and elation from all of the adventurous product seekers across the globe. The promise of a new day free of beauty woes catapults our imagination to venture into a Utopian world of instant hydration, perfectly moisturized and plumped lips, makeup that adjusts to our pH and mood, and brushes that tell us exactly what our hair is trying to. Here are some breakthroughs to bring excitement and adventure to your daily routine.

Enjoy the at-home, long-lasting gel manicure without saying goodbye to your old standbys. This base and top coats turn every bottle of polish into a gel manicure, no LED light required.

Pave the road to a healthy mane and get ahead of seasonal hair damage! This brush, which hits markets this fall, uses a builtin microphone and conductivity sensors to let you know the status of your hair’s manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends, and breakage via a mobile app.

Indulge in a land where green shades turn into a rosy hue to complement every person and skin tone. This line of green makeup reacts to your skin’s pH balance and complexion to give you a personalized and unique color every time.

Revel in luscious and pampered lips all day — without the chap stick. Leave the plumping and moisturizing for a one-time lip mask and fear the matte liquid lipsticks no more. Lay the mask on clean lips for 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a week and soak up the oils, vitamins, and collagen for a perfect pout.

Let your hair experience the powerful effects of a clay detox. Whether you buy it in the store or make it at home, enjoy extra-clean hair full of volume and free of toxins. Apply the mask to clean hair, wait five minutes or so depending on the instructions of the specific mask and wash it out. Use weekly, monthly or as needed for some serious hair rejuvenation!

For your face or hair, dry oil products offer an immediate dose of intense, lightweight hydration. No more strawlike ends after a couple of days of dry shampoo, and no more waiting for your beloved face oils to sink into your skin before applying makeup. Simply spritz the oil directly onto your hair or skin in a pinch or as a daily moisturizing ritual.

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