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Look Who’s Talking – Deb Feaster

Deb Feaster is a very busy woman. Not only is she the owner and operator of Auto Analysts, a 10 bay auto repair business on Stadium Drive, she’s a competitive golfer and doting grandmother to her four grandchildren. As is the case with most modern women, the hours often seem short but Deb wouldn’t have it any other way. She enjoys the day-to-day challenges of being a business owner and balancing all that her life entails.

The youngest of eight children, Deb Feaster was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan. She met her husband, Mark, in Kalamazoo and it wasn’t long before Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit and Deb’s drive lead to their first joint enterprise. They opened Auto Analysts in 1979, not letting the fact that they only had $300 in the bank derail their vision.

In 2004, after twenty years of marriage, Mark passed away, leaving Deb to run the business alone. She lost her partner in both life and business and misses his daily encouragement. She notes “Mark was my biggest cheerleader, encouraging and reminding me there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. We made a great team.”

Clearly Mark was correct in his assessment of his wife’s capacity, as both the business and their family have continued to thrive under Deb’s care. Auto Analysts has been in business for 37 years and provides a wide array of services, including car and truck care, engine maintenance, transmission services, inspections and emissions and brakes. They also provide specialized service for import cars and fleet vehicles.

Deb relishes the challenges that come with running Auto Analysts and deeply values the relationships she’s built over the years with both her customers and employees. Her entire staff is committed to treating customers with integrity and honesty. After almost four decades in the business, Deb is justifiably proud of the relationships she’s built that span generations and she’s committed to making them last for generations to come.

As fulfilling as her career is, Deb is just as dedicated to her family and friends. She loves to be outdoors and enjoys spending time with her beloved grandchildren. If she can do both at the same time, so much the better! Give her a day full of sunshine, blue skies and the smiling faces of those she loves most and she’s at her most content.

When Deb’s not helping to keep Kalamazoo residents on the road, she loves to spend time on the golf course. She also enjoys music, travel and spending time in her garden. She values honesty, kindness and gifts from the heart and is a passionate supporter of organ donation and the SPCA of Southwest Michigan.

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