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Redefine Outdoor Spaces with Living Elements

Spring is right around the corner, making this month an ideal time to start thinking of fresh ways to add character to your landscape. There are a multitude of plants and trees that double as distinct and functional design elements, boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal and enhancing outdoor ambiance. Here are a few things to consider before transforming your landscape.

Create Climate Control
Certain landscaping can bring functional benefits to your outdoor space. If you’re looking to provide areas of the yard with more shade, consider large, fastgrowing trees such as quaking
aspens, Bradford pears and birch trees, or opt for a more traditional look with a classic maple tree. Add a splash of color among the green by planting a thriving tulip tree or a dogwood. If a tree is impractical for your space or not quite what you’re looking for, contemplate large flowering bushes, such as lilac or Rose of Sharon.

Set Boundaries
Create a perimeter around your outdoor space by planting a uniform line of shrubbery or brushes. Low-growing greenery can help maintain an open feel while adding definition to the space. Establishing a set boundary amps up your backyard’s aesthetic and encourages visitors to stay within a certain area of the yard.

Keep Prying Eyes Out
Shield a private lounge or outdoor patio with tall ornamental grasses, which come in an array of colors and styles. Alternatively, you could consider a lush climbing vine paired with a trellis or dwarf trees and shrubs planted in close proximity. Oversized planters filled with thick vegetation also adds instant coverage and extra privacy. If you have an outdoor kitchen, these vessels can also serve as a fresh herb garden.

Go Low Maintenance
Not everyone has a green thumb; If you’re hesitant to add plants that need frequent care and attention, flesh out your yard with a few low-maintenance options. Easy-going succulents are a dynamic way to add texture, interest and color to a planter or table top. Perennials also come in a variety of colors and require minimal watering and trimming.

Take a trip to your local nursery or garden center and ask for professional advice on trees and plants that will work best in your landscape!

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