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Options Abound for Aspiring Guitarists


The popularity of the Guitar Hero® video game series has reconnected music fans with their favorite musicians of yesteryear and introduced adults and children alike to generations of artists they might otherwise never have heard.

While the video games have proven fun to gamers of all ages, they have also inspired some to pick up a real guitar and learn to play. For those hoping to become the next legendary guitarist featured in a wildly popular video game, consider the following guitar types to get you started.
Acoustic: Fans of acoustic guitar afficionados like Bob Dylan or Dave Matthews might prefer these hollow guitars made of thin wood. Acoustic guitars aren’t plugged in, so parents paying the bill for a child’s newfound passion for guitar won’t have to worry about buying an amplifier. Country and folk music are popular music genres that feature the acoustic guitar.
Electric: The electric guitar is ideal for those who love guitar greats from Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page. To make the most of an electric guitar, aspiring guitarists will, at the very least, need an amplifier. And parents might want to invest in a pair of earplugs, as genres like hard rock and heavy metal are known for electric guitar riffs that can break the windows.
Acoustic-electric: Most acoustic guitars used by professional musicians are acousticelectric guitars, which utilize pre-installed pickups that allow them to be plugged into amplifiers. Aspiring guitarists unsure of which style they prefer might want to consider an acoustic-electric model, which gives them some leeway when they start learning some songs from different genres of music.
Hollow-body: Aspiring bluesmen should consider a hollow-body guitar. Made similarly to traditional electric guitars, hollow-body models have a chamber cut in the body that provides more sonic resonance, making them ideal options for those who just need to sing the blues.
Classical: Not necessarily ideal for beginners, classical guitars are most commonly used in classical and folk music. Shoppers will notice classical guitars use nylon strings instead of steel and have slightly wider necks than traditional acoustic models.
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