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Outdoor Entertaining


Outdoor get-togethers typically make for memorable affairs. Be it a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue or a tailgate in the parking lot at the big game, fresh air always seems to add more fun to the festivities.
As fun as such soirees can be, hosts and guests alike know there’s no limit to the fun that can be had when getting together with friends and family for some outdoor revelry. Hosts hoping to enliven their outdoor entertaining can employ the following tips and let the good times roll! 
Make it a musical affair. Music often sets the tone for a party, whether that party takes place inside or outside. Hosts should choose music that lightens the mood and encourages guests to relax. When hosting a backyard barbecue, encourage guests to bring their own instruments and, if any friends or family members are in a band, invite the band over to perform. Though public parks and beaches might frown on loud music, bring an acoustic guitar along and keep things low key. If the party is aligned with a specific holiday like Independence Day, be sure to include some patriotic tunes in the evening’s playlist.
Give the festivities a theme. Hosts can set their soiree apart from other gatherings by choosing a theme for their next outdoor party. When hosting a themed party, encourage guests to get in the spirit of things by wearing theme-appropriate attire. For instance, when hosting a summertime luau, encourage guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts. Host a movie party and ask guests to dress the part. Greet guests with a red carpet. Incorporate the movie theme in your decorations and provide a signature drink.




Blood and Sand
(Inspired by Rudolph Valentino’s 1922
movie “Blood and Sand”)
2 parts Scotch Whiskey
1 part cherry liqueur
1 part sweet vermouth
1 part fresh squeezed orange juice
Garnish with an orange twist.


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